Thursday, 12 February 2015

Mobile Printing Will Give New Impetus to the Global Market

Technology progresses along with global trends.  Sole purpose behind reaching the technology to the end consumer is to translate their life into better experience. As far as mobile printing market is concerned; it is being spread widely and receiving warm welcome and appreciation from all social strata especially world business community. It is also going to decide fate of paper industry in near future. Unless and until we don’t find reliable alternative for paper it is going to thrive in the years to come but to the extent, the world will witness decline in its usage too.  Experts are eager to take into account combined future of cloud computing and mobile printing on the basis of their characteristics, feasibility, and advantages. But both technologies are poles apart.

Cloud computing requires different infrastructure and has totally different demands to be accomplished whereas mobile printing is just about reducing your extra efforts that you usually invest in the entire printing process may it be office work, public work, private, personal or group activity. Nonetheless, it will be wise statement to make that it will disappear from global platform despite its caliber to adjust and get adapted to the changing orientation of overall technology world-wide.  If tomorrow, world aspire to establish paper free communication in every industry then there will be certainly no use of files and folders to store papers, documents, sheets etc. Market analysis highlighted some prominent features of mobile printing and did bring to our notice that it has long way to go and as of now there is no threat of extinction.  

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