Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Travel & Tourism is a strong pillar in global luxury hotel’s market

Travel and tourism sector had gained momentum in the year of 2014 consequently it also had positive impact on hotel business. Due to ease of connectivity tourist across the globe can easily go from one place to another. Not all of them are in search of cheap accommodation. There are few people who have different taste. They just expect excellent service and mouth watering cuisines. These tourists are ready to empty their wallet but don’t want to any compromise with luxury. The global luxury hotels are ultimately their sole preference. These tourist don’t want anything less than excelsior.

The global luxury hotel market is growing at unprecedented speed in the consumer retail category. Today span of five stars hotels is not limited to providing amenities like Jacuzzi, swimming pool, spa etc. this industry has gone beyond such concepts associated with five star rating. Art room for connoisseurs, business centers, convention halls and banquet halls have also become a part of their service. Dubai, India and China drives mega market with rapidly emerging tourism and corporate avenues. Yester year’s report of travel and tourism say’s after taking analyzing performance of almost forty countries in the world America was on top in global luxury hotel market and fulfilled both the criteria viz. revenue and total establishments.

Although these are ubiquitous standards therefore international travelers have different expectations from them, may it be about room service, dining facility or concierge service, integrated amenities etc. Over a period of time Global luxury hotel market has widened its scope and application. Hospitality industry is all about niche service. It largely relies on customer satisfaction.

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