Thursday, 20 November 2014

The new policy change by Facebook, are you aware of what it means?

It is a case of questioning yourself whether you are aware of the various privacy terms and conditions that are made prior to signing up of it in Facebook. Facebook, a social network giant is an addictive kind of networking platform for the users to connect and re-connect at convenience. Majority of the users might have actually ignored the certain privacy policy that comes during the process and includes terms, cookie and data policies while the company is open to the opinions from the public. 

Facebook has already put in various changes to the data policies, terms, etc and made acceptance of the various suggestions and questionnaires from the users till November 20th prior to the issue of its final draft. 

Facebook Inc. (FB) is trying to simplify the various Terms and Conditions starting with the basic kinds such as the language and the looks plus they have simplified the policy readings to around 2700 words, which used to be of a 9000 words earlier. This could mean that there is lesser amount of jargons involved in the making of these policies. It is now more on a colourful style, involves clickable sources and few inclusion of animation with a proper package of policies. 

It also states that the now users can choose to share or no to among the 3rd party applications but doesn’t have the authority to know what kind of information will be shared. Facebook in its new policy has made it very clear that it has the right to make use of the information that the people share with these 3rd parties. 

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