Friday, 7 November 2014

A grand joining in the striker fleet for F-35C

The F-35C Lightning II which is a joint strike fighter from the Navy of the United States Military, made the first landing on Monday on the aircraft carrier. According to the reports from Navy Times, F-35C made its landing on the USS Nimitz which is in Pacific Ocean and off the San Diego Coast. It is learnt that the fighter craft will be starting its initial 2 (two) weeks of active developmental testing. The future of US Defence Industry will have a benefitting experience with involvement of F-35C in the fleet.

Various news sources have claimed this activity as an important kind of milestone in developing the stealth type of fighter that too in the aviation history of the navy.
A particular team have been under scheduled testing of the F-35C Lightning II post its arrested landing and is expected to take control of the operation of various kinds of manoeuvres and it shall also include catapult takeoffs and arrested method of landing. 

They are now under the process of collating data to cause integration of the F-35C into the flight deck operations and process the definition of the operation parameters.
The new F-35C will allow enhanced level of flexibility, strike level capabilities and power projection of air wings and the joint task force. This will also complement the abilities of the F/A – 18 E / F Super Hornet which is the Navy’s Strike Fighter of premium level. 

The test force planned for F-35C will involve fit level testing and maintenance level for support and aircraft equipment and it will also involve the simulated maintenance operations.
The major goal is to primarily ensure that F-35C is actually ready for deployment by the year 2018.

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