Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Digital Media Giants Shift to Major Acquisitions for 2015-2016

With major transformations, mergers and acquisitions of digital stations, technology industry is combing ahead in 2015-2016. The digital media networks are expanding roots into content driven market, which bases of attracting large amount of views, visits, clicks, and shares.

Tech Radar on Most Expensive Deals

Right from social media to popular traditional channels, electronic communications has incremented the future exponentially for users. The bigwigs of such movements are generating enormous profits by acquiring promising startups and firms.

•   2015 year noted monumental developments such as Amazon buying out Twitch (game site) for $1 billion, Facebook teaming with Oculus VR worth $2 billion, and Disney Studios purchasing multi channel network, Market Studios for around $1 billion.

•   Microsoft too joined the race by uploading Mojang (Minecraft maker) for $2.5 billion. And, we cannot forget Apple spending $3 billion buying the Dr. Dre’s Beats. All these deals amount to about $10 billion already.

Networking Balloon- Which Firms are flying high?

Continued investments in content-driven distributions and monopoly are charging up tech in 2015-2015. Billions of dollars are already lined up for strategic developments, and acquirers are composed with hawk-eyes to purchase the next best possible digital network.

•   The mobile oriented audiences are growing the economy for video-streaming giants on a mass scale, especially for the U.S. digital media and that of Europe. Developing countries are too needling a share into the industry.

•    Marketing schemes are measurable up to not just advertisements, but to maximize visitors to the clients and companies. Yahoo acquired BrightRoll for a whopping $60 million. Video unbundling is too catching up pace, and gaming industry is exploring novel dimensions.

•   Leading telecommunications market research report that lifestyle entertainment and services are being digitalized to suit common mans needs. For example, Red Bull, Pepsi, GoPro, and Marriot too have voiced such futuristic goals.

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