Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Growing Scope of Global Magazine Publishing Market in 2014-2018

The circulation of niche trade magazines in 2015 has spurted at 0.2% and by 2018 it will scale to US$98.1 billion from 2013 figures of US$97, as reported by Magazine Publishing Industry Analysis. Publishers are following in steps of the trend and converting their information propagation to paid digital editions. However, the commercial and trade industry for publishing still has a scope among professionals and is supposed to add more followers to the list, according to the Market Research and Analysis. There are critical views on rising circulation of comics and novels in against magazine popularity.

Challenges to Global Magazine Publishing Market

The challenge still remains the availability of reading materials for both commercial and lifestyle purpose on mobiles and internet for information and news apps are crowding the market. But, those dedicated to getting their hands on hardcopies for details are purchasing more magazines than ever before. As per the Market Research and Analysis in 2014-2018, Venezuela, Argentina and Peru will roll ahead with CAGR 6.8%, while Hungary and Turkey will toll at 5.3% CAGR in trade print magazines.

Techniques to Retain Audience

Where print advertising is declining in revenue, the internet advertising will tower in 2018 at US$12.4 billion, which is spreading wings in magazines’ sector, according to the Magazine Publishing IndustryAnalysis. The publishing industry is relying on rooting subscription services on transforming the scenario, which will provide gross incomes, but decline the revenue by few percentages. However, this method will create stronghold in the market as readers will be faithful towards a particular consumer magazine when subscribing for a long period to an asset.

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