Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Medicine review for the year 2014

This belongs to the reviewing of the year 2014 wherein there was experiencing of various medical researchers, epidemic threatening, and international health awareness. This also engages a run through the summer craze that actually got a highlight in support of the various research level charities and subsequent support for the epidemic to create public level health awareness. The other one involved Ebola which was considered as one of the deadliest epidemic in the history of mankind that made threatening even to the medical assistances that were involved in the aiding section and diagnosis. Few days back, Google got a result released that revealed the scenario that both Ice Bucket Challenge and the case of Ebola were noted at the first 5 searched topics on global scale. 

Various levels of major developments in the year 2014 which were able to share certain kinds of themes that were formed in the 2013 review also involved productive developments with the Stem Cells which are also represented as one of the biggest breakthrough with equivalence to the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

One of the biggest breakthrough involved Stem Cells. It was considered as one of the pioneering case which was against the female infertility. Certain other developments on major note involved production by iPS or induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

Other kinds of developments that were also termed as outstanding in the year 2014 involved owing to the case of Stem Cell Research, such as:
1) For the first time, growing of human lungs successfully in the lab.
2) Conversion of the human skin cells straight to brain cells by the scientists. 

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